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Health insurance cover for Dengue and related disease in Kolkata

Last few months, we have come across the word ‘DENGUE’ more than anything else. As Bengalis, we love to gossip on food, festivities and fashion. Our love for food is legendary. There is even a saying that there are only four great cuisines that are regarded highly around the world, of which one is Bengali. The other cuisines are Italian, French, and Chinese. However, dengue has become the talk of the town now and mosquitoes have transformed the City of Joy into the City of Vector Diseases.

Whether it is malaria or dengue, our city has suffered from it. The authorities always claim that they have taken all steps to curb the menace. Meanwhile, the dengue virus has evolved and a new genetic variant has now appeared. The existing medicines are less effective on this new variant and the symptoms are also different.

  • After the female Aedes mosquito bites a dengue-affected person, the virus incubates for 8 to 10 days. When this infected mosquito bites the next person, he/she may get infected.

  • Dengue often damages blood vessels, leading to a sharp drop in platelet count. This can lead to a severe form of fever called dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome. It may cause severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, bleeding from gums or nose, etc.

  • NS1 Elisa-based antigen test should be done as a confirmatory test after three days of developing fever with symptoms of body ache, headache or nausea.

  • Generally, the platelet count is counted less than 30,000 in case of dengue patients.

  • Dengue is not a deadly disease and it can be easily treated provided the patient consults the doctor as soon as the symptoms are observed.

  • Many symptoms of the flu are also similar to dengue. That is why people may confuse between flu and dengue. Now, temperatures are lower and it has lead to a higher incidence of many viral diseases. We are on the verge of winter but unfortunately, the dengue outbreak is still at its peak.

  • The genetic variant strain is responsible for unknown symptoms and it may also be responsible for the “mystery fever”. In at least one instance, the death certificate states the cause was 'fever of unknown origin with NS1-reactive', a phrase that actually means death due to dengue, said doctors.

All of us are worried about our families and we want the best for them. Please consult your doctor if you even have a mild fever. Don’t take any chances. If you have a health insurance, then you do need to bother about the medical expenses. Dengue is covered by all health insurers and they also provide cashless treatment facilities at their network hospitals.

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