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Is there any need for Critical illness plans for today's youth?

Today’s life is most unpredictable than earlier days. In this uncertainty it is even more important to look at the critical illness one is going to suffer and measures to protect you from that. As the scenario prevails of buying a regular insurance that’s given on death of the person but people end-up getting disabled and not being able to work than just dying right away. However, it is stated that out of 3 chances we have 1 chance of being disabled, suffering from cancer and getting chemotherapy done or undergoing a surgery for the accident or even having a stroke. Hence it is needed to get insurance for all such critical things also. 


When one has liquidity they have options to consider and invest logically and get covered for the maximum illness that can happen. Life is unpredictable and crises take place anytime and our life is the biggest asset of all so one needs to take care of it at first place.

Only a certain portion of the plan is covered by the employee’s disability plan so does one want to live with half his pay cheque is a big question in today’s scenario.

These days’ medical insurance policies are available in abundance and they give a canopy to protect from all the healthcare crises. But we need to know as all the health policies differ from each other in one or the other way. Individuals look for plans where they have to pay fewer premiums and get most of the illness covered. As so many innovative benefits are formulated in the insurance policies, critical illness being covered is an additional benefit that makes the coverage of health insurance policy complete. These policies are helpful in grave illness situation and when the need of hospitalization arises and long medical bills need to be paid. 


When we take a critical illness policy we need to read and understand the fine print as not all companies policies are the same. Some consider too fewer conditions and some try to hide or escape the clauses which help the insurance companies to not pay out. The terms mentioned should be generous and fair.

Mostly the critical illness policy does not cover pre-existing illness as all health insurance policies also do not do that so it is better to disclose everything beforehand and get it covered by paying a higher premium than hiding it and suffering later.

If you have a family history of illness make sure it is covered. As you are coming from such a background you have the chance of suffering it too. So taking critical illness policy is more obvious.

The health insurance plan is to free us from the financial burden caused due to high and sudden treatment expenses. The policy will be helpful if the correct choice is made and is able to give maximum coverage to our healthcare needs. So it is beneficial to take a plan which has the critical illness also covered as it is advantageous in case of severe injuries.

When one gets hospitalised instead of worrying for the treatment we are also concerned about arranging for the expenditure. And even for most of the people spending from a single pocket is not possible henceforth it affects their future savings and sound treatment too. The critical illness comes as a boon as it provides an opportunity to take good care of themselves and their dependents. In today’s world, it is very necessary to get the correct treatment and any delay or compromise will lead to severe health issues in the long run too. There is ample health insurance policy present in the market offering good coverage for our needs such as first-time heart attack, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, Kidney Failure and Cancer to name a few. Critical illness is an added advantage to be considered by today’s youth as the environment is not good as far as health aspect is considered.

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