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Why is a Cardiac Care Plan a boon for Heart Patients?

Are you someone who has undergone a heart attack and do not possess a proper health insurance policy? This is quite understandable as it is extremely difficult to get a health cover because of certain pre-existing ailments such as heart diseases. Medical health insurers are known to deny coverage to such people. Yet, there is a welcome solution to such affected people and it is known as a Cardiac Care Plan. 

Who does it cover? 

A Cardiac Care Plan is a new medical insurance product that is envisioned as a health solution for someone who has gone through cardiac procedures such as bypass surgery and angioplasty. This solution has come out at an especially opportune time. This is so as more and more young people are being affected by heart conditions. These people, unfortunately, may have never been covered by any medical insurance company, if not for this new plan for cardiac patients. You need to be between the ages of 10 and 65 when you are applying for this policy.

Waiting Period

This plan has a short waiting period. It provides medical coverage post a period of 91 days from the day the policy begins. This applies to people who have gone through procedures such as angioplasty or a bypass surgery in the past two-three years. The application period is six months post the surgery and it goes on to a max period of three years post the surgery. Applications will not be allowed before six months or after three years of the surgery. Such a waiting period of six months to three years exists due to the potential high-risk that medical insurance companies have to deal with. Once someone goes through a heart procedure, there is a high chance of recurrence of an issue in six months of the procedure or five years after. If you apply after six months then the company would have a fair idea about your health conditions after the surgery. It will be easier for them to accept your application. Also, after three years of surgery, the company will be in a good position as it would have had ample time to get premiums from you before a date when a future claim is made. 

What does it offer?

Yet, there is a compulsory medical test that applicants have to undergo if they are interested in this particular policy. If some other ailment is found and such ailment could put you at a higher health-risk then your application could be rejected. Even if you have not taken good care of yourself post the heart surgery, there is a chance you may not be eligible for this policy. A great aspect of this plan is that it can be renewed throughout your life. According to its terms, it covers pre-existing diseases apart from the ones that are cardiac related from the fifth year of the policy. Other ailment covers such as knee replacement surgery, hernia, piles, cataracts, sinus etc. are in force after a period of two years. Even though the money spent on this cover is slightly higher than other plans, it saves you a bunch of money in the long run. This is especially true for you future heart ailments. The best part is that you can just make use of this policy instead of adding another regular health policy to it. This is so as the Cardiac Care Plan functions as a regular plan too, in addition to being a heart-specific plan. If you are already holding a comprehensive medical insurance policy and add the Cardiac Care Plan on top of it, it could get pricier for you. If you are over the age of 50, it is advisable for you to get this plan even if you have a regular plan. This is because heart treatment in India is incredibly expensive and costs more than 5 lakh for a single procedure. India’s number one health-risk is complications due to heart problems. In fact, presently in India, there are more than 32 million people in India who are suffering due to heart conditions. Apply today and save yourself any monetary issues in the future!

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