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10 Points to Check After You Have Bought Your Health insurance Policy

So, you have bought a health insurance plan and have ensured coverage for your medical contingencies. Good! But is your work complete?
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How much Time does the claim process of Health Insurance require?

Claim efficiency is all about how fast a customer need is served in the time of hardship. Claim settlement is multilayered process. In India, how fast and efficiently a claim can be settled is majorly dependant on modes of claim. Claims can either be made through cashless facility or by reimbursement mode. Let’s see how claim time varies in both the cases:
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How does health insurance for diabetes work?

As per World Health Organization, 69.2 million people in India is diabetic as per 2015 data and that exclude 36 million plus people who remained undiagnosed. Diabetes happens when the body cannot produce sufficient insulin or cannot effectively utilize the insulin produced. This results in high blood sugar level leading to various complications and threats to the different organ systems in the body. Diabetes is generally two types, Type 1 (also known as Juvenile Diabetes) and Type 2, Gestational diabetes being a sub set of Type 2 diabetes that occurs during pregnancy.
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Should I opt for Cashless Insurance?

Health insurance benefits can be availed in either of two ways i.e. Cashless hospitalization facility or Reimbursement. In case of cashless facility, the policy holder can take treatment at a network hospital and walk out of the hospital without paying anything whereas, in reimbursement, the policy holder will have to pay the hospital bill from his pocket and get it reimbursed later by the insurance company.
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How can you save tax on Health Insurance?

Health insurance, more commonly known as Mediclaim, provides a comprehensive cover for medical expenses related to sickness and accidents. Unlike other investments, health insurance does not help in achieving any definite future goal, but never the less it is an extremely important component of a sound financial plan. Changing lifestyles, stressful jobs and rising healthcare costs are some of the many reasons that health insurance plans are becoming more and more popular.
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The biggest health threat of today's World: #Diabetes.

The question always springs two common answers – diabetes and hypertension. Both these ailments have become as common as a smartphone. Diabetes has assumed a form of an epidemic and is targeting more and more people every passing day. Modern lifestyle, bad diet, heredity, etc. are some of the common causes of the ailment. Even children and the modern youth are not spared from the clutches of this disease. You will find a diabetic in almost every family.
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Thinking of buying a health plan? Look for these points.

Did you know that rising medical expenses and increasing probability of ailments have popularized health insurance plans?
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10 points for opting for the #Best Health Insurance Policy: #Checklist

How do you select the best insurance plan? Some plans boast of a comprehensive cover while others highlight their cheaper premiums. Some plans provide unique benefits while others have great discounts. Which plan, among such features, is the best? How should you buy the perfect policy for your needs?
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Understanding CO-PAY in health insurance.

In India, co-pay feature in health insurance was introduced on cost-benefit logic. Basic idea was to save the cost and come up with more efficient policies by discouraging unnecessary claims.
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What is family floater plan In Health Insurance?

A Family Floater Plan is the health insurance that covers multiple members of the family for a fixed cover. The coverage amount can be used by any or all the members covered under the plan and for any number of times within the time and the cost limit of the policy. The floater policy generally covers the individual, spouse and children. Parents, siblings and in-laws also can be included under this if specified by the insurer.
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What is Top Up Health Insurance Policy? How Does It Work?

Top-up health insurance policy is an add-on health insurance policy on an existing health insurance plan. It is best used to increase coverage amount with minimal extra cost.
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What is the process to file a Health Insurance claim? Complete checklist and Do and Don'ts

Even though we live in the era of rising health care inflation, average ticket size of our health insurance is only 3-4 lacs. This coverage is definitely not sufficient to fund the serious cases of hospitalization in today’s time. Expenses can overshoot our limit. Hence, it’s important to review our medical insurance needs and plan for a supplement to basic plan to cover up the shortfall. Here, we are talking about top- up health plans that can benefit you by providing extra cover at a reasonable cost.
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Is Insurance necessary for very old people?

Buying the right insurance plan at a later stage of life is a tedious task. With the variety plans available in the market, zero-in on the ideal plan that suits the age-based need is a challenging one. Let’s take a look at health insurance and life insurance plans for senior citizens with some of the best plans available in the market.
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What to do when health insurance claim gets rejected?

This rejection comes as a shock especially since you are burdened with your medical expenses which would have otherwise been covered by your health plan. Do you know what should you do when your health claims get rejected? If you don’t, here are some suggestions.
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What are the Best Health Insurance Companies in India as per IRDA Reports?

Thankfully, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is the authority that creates an Annual Report of all Indian insuring companies. The IRDAI regulated all kinds of insurance companies, life & non-life included.
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Top up vs Super Top up in Health Insurance

Top-up and super top-up health plans help you in affording a high coverage limit. These plans supplement your health insurance coverage without being hard on your pockets. Want to know what these plans are?
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Why must business owners purchase a group insurance and how it works?

There are multiple ways of ensuring that the workforce feels that their management cares for their well-being. Group insurance for employees is one of them. This investment in the employees will give a much higher return on investment to the employers.
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Ayurvedic and Homeopathy Cover In Health Insurance

Even the western world has realized the significance of Indian practices and is adopting them without hesitation. When it comes to medicinal treatments, Ayurveda is becoming highly recognized. The herbs used in making medicines are natural and have no side-effects and the treatments themselves are highly effective.
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Why is a Cardiac Care Plan a boon for Heart Patients?

This is so as more and more young people are being affected by heart conditions. These people, unfortunately, may have never been covered by any medical insurance company, if not for this new plan for cardiac patients. You need to be between the ages of 10 and 65 when you are applying for this policy.
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Cashless vs Reimbursement Claims in Health Insurance

Making a health insurance claim is easy if you know the correct and chronological steps involved in it. That is why it is imperative to understand the claim settlement process of a health plan you are considering to buy. A health insurance claim can be settled through a cashless facility or through reimbursement. Do you know about them?
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What's a difference between a family floater and Individual health insurance?

The choice of the ideal plan depends on your requirements. If you want to cover yourself and your spouse, a family floater plan makes sense since it would be cheaper and there would not be much of an age difference between you two. It is clear that both family floater and individual health insurance plans have their pros and cons.
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Everything you need to know about Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness insurance policy provides the necessary cost coverage during sudden illnesses without jeopardizing the financial standing of you. Critical Insurance coverage makes probably more sense for the earning members of the family considering the pivotal role they play.
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Maternity Health Benefit Plans and its Pros and Cons

Hospitalization for maternity issues in pre and post-pregnancy stages – This includes hospitalization costs from 30 days prior to delivery and up to 60 days after delivery. Neonatal coverage – this covers the newborn baby for 1 to 90 days for any critical illness or congenital complications.
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Health Insurance – Benefits of Recharge & Restore

Recharge is the reinstatement of the total sum that is assured. If the particular claim being made is payable as per the policy, the company shall mechanically reinstate the sum assured for the specific policy year. Recharge and Restore pertain to return of the total sum assured in your particular policy year, albeit with different terms.
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Which health insurance plans cover dental treatments?

Dental treatments, which are very common and frequent, also end up burning a hole in your pockets. Though you buy a health insurance plan to cover your hospitalization expenses, what about dental treatments? They are not major but the associated costs are. How do you pay for them?
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Is a high coverage of say Rs 50L or 1CR health insurance plan needed?

Individuals who buy a health plan from the service providers (sum assured starts from Rs.2 lacs and can go up to 10/15 lacs) are always in a dilemma. The dilemma being that the sum assured could be insufficient in times of serious illness.
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Medical insurance for parents with pre-existing diseases

So why don’t we get the best for them? Children are responsible to provide the support that parents need in their old age. Healthcare costs are shooting up every passing day. A pre-existing disease is any ailment, disease or symptom that you know before applying for a medical policy.
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Is there any need for Critical illness plans for today's youth?

It is stated that out of three chances we have one chance of being disabled, suffering from cancer and getting chemotherapy done or undergoing a surgery for the accident or even having a stroke.
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Should you port your health insurance after marriage?

If you are a man, you reorganize your home to accommodate your wife. If you are a woman, you leave your home to start a new phase of your life. Your financial portfolio needs review and revision. What about a health insurance plan? Does it involve changes too?
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How can you save tax by insuring your parents?

Tax benefit could be further extended by purchasing health insurance for your parents. This is a much-needed benefit for them that will give you some more tax savings and is a win-win situation for everyone.
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Saving Money on Health Insurance - The Dos and Don’ts

Yet, there are multiple people who are unsure about availing medical insurance. They may mistakenly think that it is better to stay without medical coverage and just pay the medical bills instead. This might not be a cost-effective method as there are many ways to save money on health insurance. Instead of choosing not to be covered, choose the right way to be covered in order to make the maximum savings on your plan.
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4 Easy Steps for filing a Reimbursement Process

In case of a Cashless facility, the insured person has to carry his health card to a network hospital at the time of admission, the hospital fills in the pre-authorization form and the TPA approves it. After obtaining the treatment, the insured person can walk out of the hospital without paying anything from his pocket. However, in case of reimbursement, the insured person gets his treatment from a non-network hospital, pays the medical bills from his pocket and gets it reimbursed from the insurance company.
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6 Easy Steps to Claim Your Car Insurance

To file a claim with your insurance company, you should have opted for comprehensive car insurance. As the name suggests, this policy provides overall protection against damages to the car. It is an extensive policy that covers damage to the car, legal liability to the third party, theft and personal accident.
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What is Room rent limit in health insurance?

Many coverage benefits under a health plan have sub-limits. Sub-limits limit the extent of coverage allowed under the benefit. The limit imposed on the coverage of boarding expenses or room rent of the hospital is called room rent limit.
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Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Formed as a venture between two healthcare stalwarts Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich Health, the company has launched various innovative health insurance plans in the market. The company’s Claim Settlement Ratio since inception and till 2016 is 95% with over Rs.2282 crores spent in claim settlement which is quite high.
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Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company

Cigna Health Insurance Company is a venture between two entities – Cigna Corporations which is a US-based healthcare service provider and the Indian counterpart is the Group.
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HDFC ERGO General Insurance

While HDFC Limited is one of the leading Housing Finance company, ERGO International AG is the primary part of the Munich Re group which is counted as one of the largest insurance companies of the world.
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Liberty Videocon General Insurance

The Liberty Mutual Insurance Group deals in all types of insurance products and is counted as the third largest property and casualty insurer in United States. The group also ranks 81st in Fortune’s list of 100 largest corporations in the United States as in 2016. Together these two corporate giants formed Liberty Videocon General Insurance Company which came into existence in the year 2013.
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Reliance General Insurance Company

The company operates on the vision to be the first choice of consumers in domestic and global markets and therefore offers products and services which meet the benchmarks created by international standards.
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Religare Health Insurance

With its headquarters in Delhi, the company has expanded throughout the country with a network of 56 offices across more than 300 locations which also includes more than 1100 corporates.
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Star Health Insurance Company

The company was established to specialize in the health insurance sector and today Star Health and Allied Insurance Company is a standalone health insurance provider in the market.
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Bharti Health Insurance Company

The company was established in August 2008. Ever since its inception, the company has been growing its operations rapidly and today operates through 87 branch offices in India.
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Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Counted among the few standalone health insurance providers, Bajaj Health Insurance specializes in providing health insurance, personal accident, and travel insurance plans to individuals.
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What is the easiest way port a Health Insurance policy?

Porting of a health insurance plan allows a policy holder to switch between two insurers of similar plans without missing out on any forms of credits gained...On completion of the form filling process, the new insurer has about 7 working days to get your medical history and claim history details from your old insurer and continue the process.
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Insurance Policy Exclusively for Women

Generally, women are more vulnerable to health issues especially after the age of 40. It has been noted that the incidence of critical ailments such as arthritis, irregular blood pressure, diabetes and cancer is higher in women. and so forth.
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Critical Illness Policies that Cover Kidney Diseases

Max Bupa - Critical Insurance (For Kidney Patients) The policy covers 20 critical illnesses and it comes in both individual and family floater options. The sum assured will be increased by 5% for every claim free year. It has a guaranteed cash benefit and the bonus is up to 25% of the Sum Insured. No medical check-up is necessary for a person of age below 45 years.
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Why Is company’s health plan not enough for you?

Unfortunately, during the hospitalization, they diagnosed my friend with a weak liver. The operation, some other treatments, trips to the ICU along with tests and medications meant a fat bill was waiting during the discharge. And the final bill was a little shy of Rs.8 lakh. I hope and have my fingers crossed that you or no one that you know, comes across such a situation. But we can’t leave it to fate for such situation, can we?
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Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana

While a few countries already have universal health care schemes, India by large does not have any such scheme, baring one introduced by Andhra Pradesh. A nationwide scheme was introduced by the Government of India but ended up being a big failure. The Government of Maharashtra undertook a similar expedition in the year 2012 and launched the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana.
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Life Insurance vs Health Insurance

A health insurance, on the other hand, would take care of all your medical and hospitalization expenses. An insurance from a reputed or well-established insurer would give you access to a network of hospitals where you can use cashless benefits; thereby, keeping your financial planning intact.
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Difference between Daycare and OPD Treatments

Though we buy the plan, we ignore the all-too-important aspect of it – the fine print. Insurance, being a technical subject, confuses most of us and we ignore the common concepts of the plan. Take the example of Daycare treatments and OPD (outpatient) treatments under a health insurance plan. We believe that both these concepts are similar to each other. But, are they?
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Government insurance companies versus private insurance companies

To their credit, private insurance companies have a lot of innovative features that are designed keeping customers in the mind.
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Health insurance cover for Dengue and related disease

More often than not, multiple rounds of these tests are necessary to come to any conclusion. The tests range within Rs.4000 to Rs.5000 and multiple cycles of them can turn out to be a bit expensive.
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How does Domiciliary Hospitalization work in Health Insurance Policies?

Domiciliary Hospitalization means that the expenses of the policyholder will be covered even when he/she is undergoing treatment for any disease or injury at home in India.
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8 Common Myths regarding Health Insurance

The level of fallacies about health insurance is so high that sometimes people even request doctors to discharge their patients after 24 hours!
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Do your family need a health insurance this summer?

Isn’t this a good time to get serious about your family’s health and start working towards their safe future? Not only it shows that you are responsible towards your family but it also shows that you have done a smart investment where you can save a lot on income taxes.
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Why Health Insurance is necessary in Financial Planning?

The insurance decisions you make should be based on your family, age, and economic situation. There are many forms of insurance and, unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all policy.
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