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10 Points to Check After You Have Bought Your Health insurance Policy

Things that you should know after you have bought a health insurance plan. Read More

How much Time does the claim process of Health Insurance require?

Claim settlement is multilayered process. In India, how fast and efficiently a claim can be settled is majorly dependant on modes of claim. Claims can either be made through cashless facility or by reimbursement mode. Read More

How does health insurance for diabetes work?

Premium Amount – Varies from 800 rupees to 18550 rupees based on the age and diseasecoverage. Base Sum Assured – Ranges from rupees 50,000 to 10 lacs depending on the policy. Read More

How to get health Insurance for elderly people?

It’s quite difficult to get the health insurance policies at the older age. Chances of falling ill increases with the growing age and results in higher medical costs. Buying a right health plan for your old age parents requires a lot of research. Read More

10 points for opting for the #Best Health Insurance Policy: #Checklist

How do you select the best insurance plan? Some plans boast of a comprehensive cover while others highlight their cheaper premiums. Some plans provide unique benefits while others have great discounts. Which plan, among such features, is the best? How should you buy the perfect policy for your needs? Read More

Should I opt for Cashless Insurance?

Health insurance benefits can be availed in either of two ways i.e. Cashless hospitalization facility or Reimbursement. In case of a cashless facility, the policyholder can take treatment at a network hospital and walk out of the hospital without paying anything whereas, in reimbursement, the policyholder will have to pay the hospital bill from his pocket and get it reimbursed later by the insurance company. Read More

How can you save tax on Health Insurance?

Health insurance, more commonly known as Mediclaim, provides a comprehensive cover for medical expenses related to sickness and accidents. Unlike other investments, health insurance does not help in achieving any definite future goal, but never the less it is an extremely important component of a sound financial plan. Changing lifestyles, stressful jobs and rising healthcare costs are some of the many reasons that health insurance plans are becoming more and more popular. Read More

The biggest health threat of today's World: #Diabetes.

The question always springs two common answers – diabetes and hypertension. Both these ailments have become as common as a smartphone. Diabetes has assumed a form of an epidemic and is targeting more and more people every passing day. Modern lifestyle, bad diet, heredity, etc. are some of the common causes of the ailment. Even children and the modern youth are not spared from the clutches of this disease. You will find a diabetic in almost every family. Read More

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