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Bought a health plan? Make sure to check few pointers.

So, you have bought a health insurance plan and have ensured coverage for your medical contingencies. Good! But is your work complete?
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Health insurance claim time.

Claim efficiency is all about how fast a customer need is served in the time of hardship. Claim settlement is multilayered process. In India, how fast and efficiently a claim can be settled is majorly dependant on modes of claim. Claims can either be made through cashless facility or by reimbursement mode. Let’s see how claim time varies in both the cases:
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How does health insurance for diabetes work?
As per World Health Organization, 69.2 million people in India is diabetic as per 2015 data and that exclude 36 million plus people who remained undiagnosed. Diabetes happens when the body cannot produce sufficient insulin or cannot effectively utilize the insulin produced. This results in high blood sugar level leading to various complications and threats to the different organ systems in the body. Diabetes is generally two types, Type 1 (also known as Juvenile Diabetes) and Type 2, Gestational diabetes being a sub set of Type 2 diabetes that occurs during pregnancy.
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Insurance for very old people.

Buying the right insurance plan at a later stage of life is a tedious task. With the variety plans available in the market, zero-in on the ideal plan that suits the age-based need is a challenging one. Let’s take a look at health insurance and life insurance plans for senior citizens with some of the best plans available in the market.
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Should I go for cashless insurance?

Health insurance benefits can be availed in either of two ways i.e. Cashless hospitalization facility or Reimbursement. In case of cashless facility, the policy holder can take treatment at a network hospital and walk out of the hospital without paying anything whereas, in reimbursement, the policy holder will have to pay the hospital bill from his pocket and get it reimbursed later by the insurance company.
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Tax saving on health insurance.

Health insurance, more commonly known as Mediclaim, provides a comprehensive cover for medical expenses related to sickness and accidents. Unlike other investments, health insurance does not help in achieving any definite future goal, but never the less it is an extremely important component of a sound financial plan. Changing lifestyles, stressful jobs and rising healthcare costs are some of the many reasons that health insurance plans are becoming more and more popular.
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The biggest health threat of today's World: #Diabetes.

The question always springs two common answers – diabetes and hypertension. Both these ailments have become as common as a smartphone. Diabetes has assumed a form of an epidemic and is targeting more and more people every passing day. Modern lifestyle, bad diet, heredity, etc. are some of the common causes of the ailment. Even children and the modern youth are not spared from the clutches of this disease. You will find a diabetic in almost every family.
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Thinking of buying a health plan? Look for these points.

Did you know that rising medical expenses and increasing probability of ailments have popularized health insurance plans?
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Top 10 points for opting for the #Best Health Insurance Policy: #Checklist.

How do you select the best insurance plan? Some plans boast of a comprehensive cover while others highlight their cheaper premiums. Some plans provide unique benefits while others have great discounts. Which plan, among such features, is the best? How should you buy the perfect policy for your needs?
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Understanding CO-PAY in health insurance.

In India, co-pay feature in health insurance was introduced on cost-benefit logic. Basic idea was to save the cost and come up with more efficient policies by discouraging unnecessary claims.
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What is family floater plan?

A Family Floater Plan is the health insurance that covers multiple members of the family for a fixed cover. The coverage amount can be used by any or all the members covered under the plan and for any number of times within the time and the cost limit of the policy. The floater policy generally covers the individual, spouse and children. Parents, siblings and in-laws also can be included under this if specified by the insurer.
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"What is the process to file a Health Insurance claim? Complete checklist and Do and Don'ts".

The Health Insurance Claims come into place when direct payment or request for the reimbursement for medical service is obtained. When you give your insurance identification card for claim to the company it is not enough. This type of process can only be reimbursed if you made the payment from your pocket followed by the timely submission of the medical bills. The general process that needs to be followed to get the claim are mentioned below:
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Top-up health insurance policy.

Even though we live in the era of rising health care inflation, average ticket size of our health insurance is only 3-4 lacs. This coverage is definitely not sufficient to fund the serious cases of hospitalization in today’s time. Expenses can overshoot our limit. Hence, it’s important to review our medical insurance needs and plan for a supplement to basic plan to cover up the shortfall. Here, we are talking about top- up health plans that can benefit you by providing extra cover at a reasonable cost.
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