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Travel Insurance

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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance offers insurance protection while you travel and safeguards against travel-related accidents, unexpected medical expenditure during travel, losses such as baggage loss, loss of passport etc and interruption or delays in flights or delayed the arrival of baggage etc.

Domestic/International Travel Insurance Plan

These plans offer protection from a number of contingencies during travel. It provides a comprehensive coverage for medical expenses overseas, hijacks, baggage and travel delays, evacuation to India, and loss of travel documents/passport besides the usual coverage.

Student Travel Insurance Plan

Student Travel Insurance is a travel policy designed for students travelling abroad on a student visa to pursue higher studies. There is minimal paperwork involved and it provides for expenses incurred on medical treatment, passport loss, and study interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Domestic Travel Insurance in India - Domestic travel insurance online plans are meant for those who travel within India. This type of online travel insurance policies covers losses due to tickets loss, trip delay and also expenses for accidental death and disablement.

    Overseas Travel Insurance - Overseas travel insurance provides protection against medical expenses, loss of baggage and documents of travellers. International travel insurance online plans also provide coverage against repatriation expenses and medical evacuation expenses to India.

    Corporate Travel Insurance - A corporate travel insurance policy usually covers multiple employees of any organization. Corporate travel insurance policies online may cover overseas as well as domestic trips.

    Student Travel Insurance - A student travel insurance online policy shield financial expenses of students due to treatments, loss of important documents. Indian students who have enrolled in higher education in foreign universities between 16 and 35-40 years of age are eligible for student travel insurance online plans. Students those who are already in foreign countries also qualify for student travel insurance policies online.

    Multi-round Trip Insurance - Usually, business people and corporate people opt for this type of online travel insurance in India as they frequently make foreign trips. This policy helps them to get rid of applying for various travel policies before travelling.

    Schengen Travel Insurance - This type of online travel insurance policies is designed for those who visit Schengen countries in Europe. Adults between 90 days and 70 years can buy travel insurance online in India for Schengen countries.

    Why Travel Insurance

    To obtain a visa for some countries, overseas travel insurance is compulsory. Even where it is not, it is prudent to obtain a travel insurance policy when you are travelling on business or holiday or for education, research etc as medical treatment costs in many countries are much much higher than what they are in India and are unaffordable.

    What is covered

    The following are covers that are generally provided under Travel Insurance through the combination may vary. The list, however, is not exhaustive. 

    Medical Expenses with or without the cashless facility 

    Personal Accident

    Loss of Baggage

    Delay in Baggage arrival. 

    Loss of Passport

    Travel Delay


    Transportation of dead body etc.

    What is not covered

    You must go through the exclusion clauses very thoroughly. In most cases, these factors are excluded:

    Pre-existing diseases

    War Risks

    Suicide and Insanity

    Hazardous sports

    Generally, travel insurers provide hotline numbers that help them to connect with the insurers to understand claim procedures and clauses if something goes wrong when they are still in any foreign country.

    Choosing the best travel plan for your family

    Does the policy provide coverage in the country you intend to travel? This may be the first, critical question to ask as some plans only provide coverage to a subset of countries.

    Do the policy cover injury and illness? Some policies do not cover anything outside of accidental death or dismemberment of limbs or digits. It may be morbid to point this out, but an important consideration. Depending on where you intend to travel, this factor may be the most important consideration. Insurance Companies also arrange for Medical Evacuation for a patient to return home to receive care.

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