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What is Health Insurance

Health Insurance relates to a type of insurance that essentially covers your medical expenses. A health insurance policy like other policies is a contract between an insurer and an individual / group in which the insurer agrees to provide specified health insurance cover at a particular “premium” subject to terms and conditions specified in the policy.


Basic health Plan

This provides for the hospitalization expenses you might face in case of accidents, day-care procedures, surgical treatments or critical illnesses. However, the features, limits and sum assured will vary from insurer to insurer.

Super Top-up health Plan

Similar to top-ups for mobile network services, this adds supplementary coverage to your existing health plan. The aim is to increase overall sum assured with its corresponding coverage by paying a relatively lower premium.

Things you need to know about Health Insurance

Health Insurance in India can be broadly classified into the following types-

1. Individual Health Plans: Hospitalization plans reimburse the hospitalization and medical costs of an individual, subject to the sum insured. Thus, it take care of all medical contingencies and the policyholder need to pay a certain premium every year.

2. Family floater Plans: Family floater health insurance plans cover the complete family in a single health insurance plan. It works under the assumption that not all members of a particular family will suffer from any ailment or disease at one time. These plans cover hospital-related expenses which can be pre and post hospitalization. Most health insurance companies in India offering family insurance have a wide network of hospitals that help the insured people in times of an emergency.

3. Senior Citizens Plans: As the name suggests, senior citizen health insurance plans are for the older people of the family. This is sometimes also known as Parents Health Insurance Plan. These plans cover health problems related to old age. As per IRDAI guidelines, each insurer must provide cover up to age of 65 years.

4. Maternity Plans: Maternity health insurance plans provide coverage for pregnancy and other additional expenses. The policies take care of both pre and post-natal care, and delivery of baby i.e. normal or caesarean deliveries. Just like other health insurance plans, the maternity insurance providers usually have a wide range of network hospitals and also takes care of ambulance expenses.

5. Critical Illness Plans for Diabetes: These plans are benefit-based policies, where a lump sum benefit amount is paid on diagnosis of covered critical illness. The treatment cost is high when compared with day to day medical treatment costs. Similar plans are also there for other illnesses include heart attack, cancer, stroke etc.

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